Soulful Spirit

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    Beads ~ currency for the soul...Soulful Spirit was inspired by the richness and traditions of cultures from around the world.This newest collection from TierraCast represents three strong trends in the market: geometric shapes, global influences, and the bohemian gipsy spirit. The Baule and Flag beads are classic geometric shapes. The Lotus Tube bead, Lotus Spacer and Lotus Puffed Bead draw inspiration from Eastern religions. It seems fitting that the lotus is a symbol of renewal and growth. Patterns, shapes and textures were all key elements in the designs. All the components were designed to use together to build jewellery that restores a sense of purpose, grounding and freedom.The history of beads provided the main focus of the collection. Beads embody a culture's heritage, passing on skilled bead making techniques from one generation to the next. Beads literally string cultures together. Beads ~ currency for the soul.In today's social and political climate, along with the rate at which technology is evolving, there is a yearning for connection, unity and grounding. The Soulful Spirit Collection was conceived from looking back to a time where craftsmanship and design were held in great esteem.
    3 products
    TierraCast Spacer Hammered Bail ~ Bright Rhodium
    TierraCast Puffed Bead ~ 14mm Lotus ~ Antique Silver
    TierraCast Baule Bead ~ Hammered Flag ~ Bright Rhodium